Thursday, August 7, 2014

Visiting The 1950's

Linked up with Denny Balmaceda once again for a 1950's themed shoot where i was introduced to the fabulous Alessandra Canario. She's and young and beautiful woman with a passion for vintage clothes, ideal for this shoot.
The outfits worn here by Denny and Alessandra was based on the popular 1978 film Grease, a perfect reference for the theme if you ask me. I was also accompanied by two of my good friends Shawn Jordan and Kraige Tobias, Shawn got a piece of the action with his nikon dslr while Kraige handled bts photos for our social networks.
on location prepping for the shoot

Kraige with his handy fuji x10, shooting bts and footage for his vlog

Shawn directing for his photo set 

It's always great working with Denny Balmaceda and an extreme pleasure to meet and work with Alessandra. Check Denny's inspirational blog and stay in the loop of new ways to spend less on high end clothing and accessories at, and read Alessandra's fascinating story entitled 'Purple Haze' by clicking the link.




the timely rainfall here give the photo a mysterious and downbeat vibe, which i dig!


It was a blast working with these talented individuals (despite the brief rain) and I'm looking forward to shooting with them in the near future.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Hazan Style

Kristina "Kika" Hazan

Born in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil and raised in New York. Kika studied in both  Parsons School of Design- New York, NY with a 
Bachelor of Business Administration as well as Domus Academy - Milan, Italy with a Design Strategies Certificate. Kika has been a freelance stylist for over 3 years. Some of her professional experience includes;  Untapped PR- Stylist, Wardrobe Coordinator since January 2010 as well as a project with LOGO TV “The SetUp Squad” Assistant Wardrobe Coordinator. While styling is Kika’s main passion she also has experience in Visual Merchandising  for Jimmy Gamba Design. You can always find Kika browsing  stores around New York City as well as abroad for her private customers as a Personal Shopper. Spoken languages include English, Portuguese, and comprehensive in French. 

For a stylist, she makes a pretty good model too. See for yourself! Here's a few photos of our adventure in New York City!

This won't be the last you'll see Kika on this site, I've got a new shoot planed out for her this spring! 

Find her and her work at these sites and be sure to contact her for gigs, she's one of the best out there today! 


Instagram: kikachu88