Thursday, August 1, 2013

Re-Envisioned: Dapper Life of An Art Teacher.

 On by Denny Balmaceda

shot with

Canon 60D

 This is just Denny's re-envisioning of a daily life of a dapper art teacher. I shot 3 looks consisting his outfit in school, after school activities and date night. I think we did a good job capturing the school teacher style, for hours of shooting and editing we better have.

Shot in Jersey City downtown, in the Newport reign.

His first look is what he would wear to school. He tried to mix business and casual by sporting jeans instead of slacks or chinos. He believes that the colorful mix of patterns add more to the fact that he is supposed to be an up beat art teacher.

His second look is what he does after school. He likes to work out. He packed his gear. This isn't neccesarily his work out get up but it's his apparel on the way there. It's still dapper but more relaxed.

His final look is his date night outfit. A simple mix of clean cut and urban look. He feels it's serious but also a bit of fun. He thinks the disheveled look makes it even more badass.

We were both pleased with the results of the pics, real GQ style. Preppy looks always turn out awesome. Hopefully we do as many as we can before the cold starts coming in.