Monday, September 2, 2013

90's Flava

Wasn't the 90's awesome? It's funny how the old is new again in fashion and even lifestyle. Did a nice photo shoot with Denny Balmaceda and Danielle Mullins using a 90's look, fresh prince of bel-air inspired style. Danielle was especially excited about this shoot cause the theme was a representation of her actual style and personality, i doubt we could have pick anyone better, to be honest. 

This one's one of may favorites. It looks like an album cover for a real 90's hip-hop group.

These are the two pics that everyone loves on Instagram and Facebook. Not sure who's idea it was to do a wall plant but it came out awesome. God, it took a LONG time to get them to synchronize their jumps and land a decent plant, but the personal frustration totally paid off in the end.

998,573,431 jumps later, and she nails it!

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