Thursday, December 26, 2013

Ruffo For Tribeca

Neil Ruffo

Neil is an up coming rapper/producer based in tribeca NYC that a friend of mine put me on to. He's got a passion for music, hip-hop especially, and he's putting out mix tapes and putting on concerts all over new york. I know, you probably can't tell by looking at the picture overhead that he raps, he looks more like a menswear model. Guess that's an outlet he could consider later on. He found out about me through a mutual friend and asked me to shoot him to update his profile, and i was happy to work with him. Even got few good shot of him and his supportive brother.

Here's the aftermath of our collaboration.






Hit Him Up

Neil's rhymes is hot like fire! I haven't heard a fresh non-commercialized sound like his in a long time.

Listen to Neil Ruffo's mix tape at the link below

Also, check out his official music video for his hit song,
 'Respect Your Hustle' 

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