Thursday, January 30, 2014

Diamonds Are Forever

Diamond Divani

About a week ago, i had the honor of being called in to be in the Jimmy Swagg Inc Bitcoin commercial. On location, i met the very talented and beautiful, Diamond Divani. She is a very experienced print/runway model who is very passionate about her work. She's been doing print work since 2010, and runway since 2011 and she deeply loves every single minute of this lifestyle, to her it's truly a breath of fresh air.
 Her goal is to reach a higher level of professionalism in the industry by getting signed to an agency, also meeting new great and talented photographers, stylist, designers, and models like herself to collaborate with.(lucky me) For the commercial she played as a costumer and i was a paid photographer.(surprise) Our part was to pretend to do a photo shoot, then she pays me via Bitcoin. I didn't have to actually take any pictures of her but she was posing and i had the camera in my just felt right.

Here are the photos of our unofficial mini photo shoot!




Diamond was a pleasure to work with, hopefully we'll work together again in the near future. I can already think of the ideas for some shoots with her. Go to for more of the lovely, Diamond Divani!  

Also, click here for my previous post on the Jimmy Swagg Inc Bitcoin commercial, behind the scenes! 

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Fujifilm x10

Got a new addition to my photography arsenal. It took forever, but now i got a very nice compact camera 

Here it is!

The Fujifilm x10 

This is a sweet point and shoot camera for photography enthusiast or for people who just wanna get great shots on the go. It's a 2011 camera but its abilities cannot be denied. Thanks to my buddy Kraige Tobias for hooking me up with this camera at a great deal. When i'm not at a photo shoot i often miss many photo ops, cause who wants to lug around a big heavy DSLR all day when you're not working or just enjoying your day? That vintage film camera style is what got its hooks into me, it's commonly mistaken for a film camera and that's awesome. With this compact fixed lens point and shooter, I'll never miss a shot.

Before i got this camera, i saw this big long scratch across the LCD screen. Usually that would be a problem for me

But when the screen is on, the scratch is nearly invisible. In the end it didn't effect my decision to buy. 

The picture quality is amazing for a compact camera. They're sharp and clear and it has a few filter to really get that vintage feel for your photos. The shots it takes are so good, i may actually use it for a real photo shoot one day, i know many other photographers already have. Take a look at some of the pics i took with this camera over the weekend.

Admittedly, the photos here are SLIGHTLY edited, but for photos this good to come out of such a small camera, it's mind blowing! 

Sitting in Denny Balmaceda's living room 

This camera is an absolute gem for any photographer to have. It's the perfect sidearm for me, especially since i'm the kind of photographer who shoots real moments of the world. I plan to keep this camera on me at all times so i'll never miss a thing, though i did tell Denny Balmaceda that he could borrow it for fashion week LOL. The 2013 Fujifilm x20 is a little better than the x10 but not enough to really recommend it over the x10. 

If you want something small and handy with great quality photos, grab the Fujifilm x10!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bitcoin Accepted

I got a call saying my buddy Justin of Jimmy Swagg Inc was shooting a commercial for his new payment option, Bitcoins. I was asked to be apart of the commercial, no doubt i was down and excited for it. This peer-to-peer payment system is now being accepted for all Jimmy Swagg products, that's a pretty smart step for his fashion community, not to mention it'll increase popularity for this form of currency. The commercial will also feature a Brooklyn based store called Reflection Dynamiks, a very cool quality and detail oriented clothing company focused on the reflection of ones self by representing the raw truth of their core values.

I've met lots of interesting and talented people on site, and got some possible collaborators. Let's take a look at what's been going down.

This is RDNMKS (Reflection Dynamiks), lots of awesome stuff here.

Here's the first scene of the commercial.

Close up of our cinematographer 

Let's take a look at the talented people who made it all happen.


This is Cesar Andres, 1 of 4 CEOs of  RDNMKS. Brand developer, designer, promoter, photographer, event organizer, all that jazz. Shop on the site at

Can't forget my man Freddy Giorlando.
Check him out at or click this link to see my previous post on Freddy.

This is Diamond Divani, aspiring model. She played with Freddy as one of the costumers for the commercial. Look out for a seperate post of my mini shoot with her. In the meantime, Check out her profile at

Diamond and her boyfriend.

The DOP for the commercial. I couldn't get his name, once i do i'll definitely credit him properly.  

Ricky Ransom, supplier of the Bitcoin system.

The man with the plan. Justin aka Jimmy Swagg, CEO of Jimmy Swagg inc and director of the Bitcoin commercial. Don't ever forget to check the site and learn about his style movement at 

This is a great reggae music artist simply known as TK. you can find his music and some videos at