Thursday, February 27, 2014

A Man's Treasure

Awhile back, i met a very stylish and revered gentleman named Warren Franz, owner of the very popular vintage boutique, Another Man's Treasure. His amazing clothing store contains awesome clothes ranging from 1900's - 1980's at prices people go nuts for. After a few minutes of talking, he introduced me to his daughter Biba, the cutest little girl ever. they were so adorable together i just had to snap a few pictures.

I dare you not to go "aww!" There's no greater treasure to a father than his child.



Let's take a moment to observe fashion footwear. 

Fashion duet

Love is in your feet

Deep blue eyes.

 Here's a cool little video on what you can find there at Another Man's Treasure. Only the best vintage gear.

Another Man's Treasure  353 Grove Street  Jersey City  NJ  O73O2
2O1 86O 999O  hours : Mon - Sat 11-8  Sun 11-6

Check their site you can also check their blog at and stay updated on their current activites.


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A New Approach To The Norm

Everyone knows that every week Denny and i do a shoot for lookbook and his blog. Over time, we've realized that our shooting style has become a bit....lifeless. The photos has become very stiff and uninteresting, very, for lack of a better word, robotic. It looked like we were selling the outfit rather than blogging about them, so we decided to take things in a new direction.
now, we're shooting in a more realistic sense, so the viewers can see his outfits as if they saw him on the streets. Looks in everyday life, that makes for a more interesting photo and gives the outfits more personality.

Here are some of the best shots we took this weekend.
You can also find these photos and info on the outfits on Denny Balmaceda's blog at 



I know it looks like he's standing in a shimmering vortex
but trust me, it's just snow.




Bonus: Denny proudly wears my Anthony Willis Photography Button.  Awesome!

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Thursday, February 6, 2014


After doing my normal sunday shoot, i met up with a buddy, Kraige Tobias. Carrying around his vaporizer pen, his current favorite thing, i felt that the light is good, i had the time, so lets take some pics for the hell of it. It felt like a street rat moment. smoking oil in the street, waltzing through black ice, tampering with construction site equipment, urinating in public, the perfect theme for this quick shoot. Reality at its finest. 

So let's take a look at these slum dog shots. 






Shot with a Canon 60D w 50mm lens.

Here's his Instagram name, in case you wanna check him out.