Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A New Approach To The Norm

Everyone knows that every week Denny and i do a shoot for lookbook and his blog. Over time, we've realized that our shooting style has become a bit....lifeless. The photos has become very stiff and uninteresting, very, for lack of a better word, robotic. It looked like we were selling the outfit rather than blogging about them, so we decided to take things in a new direction.
now, we're shooting in a more realistic sense, so the viewers can see his outfits as if they saw him on the streets. Looks in everyday life, that makes for a more interesting photo and gives the outfits more personality.

Here are some of the best shots we took this weekend.
You can also find these photos and info on the outfits on Denny Balmaceda's blog at lookrichshopcheap.com 



I know it looks like he's standing in a shimmering vortex
but trust me, it's just snow.




Bonus: Denny proudly wears my Anthony Willis Photography Button.  Awesome!

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