Friday, March 28, 2014

LRSC + zeroUV

So Denny hits me up about shooting for his collaboration with zeroUV, a very stylish brand of eyewear. These guys have a ton of awesome and unique designs for all fashion and lifestyles. In addition to sending photos, we were also asked to include a short video to show off their eyewear fused with the best outfits, so Denny and i went to work and got it done.

here's a look at a few photos i took for the collaboration.




And here's the video i whipped together for zeroUV. I think it really shows off it's stylish effects on outfits and how it can be worn in everyday life.

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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Grease Lightening

Greasers have been the very definition of cool and an inspiration to fashion for decades, so it was no surprise to anyone that i wanted to have a greaser themed shoot. I got together with actor Freddy Giorlando and hairstylist Tarra Kruper to kick off this undoubtedly awesome shoot. Freddy actually came to me about the shoot months ago, probably because of the group shoot i did a couple of years ago based on the movie The Outsiders.
Due to weather, though, our greaser shoot was pushed back again and again. Finally, we managed get the photo shoot done in time for spring.

Enough chat, let look at the results of a long awaited shoot!


I honestly don't think i could have found a better greaser than Freddy G.

Tarra Kruper

Quick shout out to my latest collaborator Tarra Kruper. She did such a great job on Freddy's hair, true greaser fashion. She's a hairstylist with a passion and a dream and isn't afraid to leave her comfort zone. She has a calling for this and i'm excited to see where this path takes her.



                                       Before                                                                    After

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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Drive To Inspire

Danielle Mullins

Danielle Mullins is back on site! Last year she and I planed to make a short video about her fashion sense and lifestyle because she has always been admired for her wacky and colorful outfits and has inspired fashion enthusiast. She loves to inspire people but struggles to find the best way to inspire in a bigger way. But we kinda forgot about it for a while and then my laptop got a virus and blah blah blah.
 Then a few weeks ago it hit me again, gave her a text and say "lets do this" and we were back on. We met up every sunday to shoot whatever we needed and whatever else came to mind. I completed the video a couple of days ago and everyone really liked it, Danielle especially. She said "it's so amazing, i could cry!", i'm sure she's exaggerating.
But first, let's look at some more great photos of the lovely Danielle.



Here you go!
The Danielle Mullins promo video titled: Drive To Inspire
Hope you like it as much as she did!

Looks like i'll be working on more videos these days.
Be sure to stay tuned for more photos and videos!