Friday, March 28, 2014

LRSC + zeroUV

So Denny hits me up about shooting for his collaboration with zeroUV, a very stylish brand of eyewear. These guys have a ton of awesome and unique designs for all fashion and lifestyles. In addition to sending photos, we were also asked to include a short video to show off their eyewear fused with the best outfits, so Denny and i went to work and got it done.

here's a look at a few photos i took for the collaboration.




And here's the video i whipped together for zeroUV. I think it really shows off it's stylish effects on outfits and how it can be worn in everyday life.

Be sure to check out for shade presented here or any other awesome eyewear that best represents your individual style. Go to for all your denny updates. And, as always, keep it here for more collaborations, photos, and videos!

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