Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Virile | Barber & Shop

During my shoot for the LRSC & zeroUV collaboration, i shot some videos at the best barber shop i have ever seen in my entire life, Virile|Barber & Shop. This place is amazing, with it's 18th century style theme and barbers with superb skills. Seriously, these barbers are so well dressed and groomed, they should be on a cover of GQ magazine. I had the pleasure of meeting one of Virile's best.

Andre Fersa - @andrevirilehh

Andre Fersa's passion for the tonsorial arts is passed down from a family of barbers and hairstylist. Andre has been submerged in barbering from an early age and intends on keeping the craft alive. His all around skill and precision is some the very best at Virile.

It's Virile's goal to keep their clients feeling clean, relaxed and fulfilled. Whether you are maintaining the look of a corporate professional or going for a fashion conscious rebel, your experience will guarantee the luxury you expect and the style you want.

Here are a few shot i took around the shop and a few extras of the zeroUV collab taken on location.



In case you haven't seen it on my last post, here's the video i made for the LRSC & zeroUV collaboration, featuring Virile|Barber & Shop! 

Be sure to go to virilebarbershop.com to make an appointment and get youself a proper cut. Or go straight to the shop located at 
510 Jersey Avenue, Jersey City, NJ 07302
2 Frederick Street, Waldwick, NJ 07463

IG - @virilehh

You're welcome for the haircut hook up, and, as always, keep it here for more photos, videos, and collaborations!